was originally founded in 2021 to offer one to three-day tours in the catchment area of the “Chateau Orientale” Resort in Luang Phabang/Laos, opened by the founder in 2018, for which he needed an official tour licence.
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The spectacular valley worth seeing with a mysterious cave was discovered by the founder already in 2001 and can be approached or hiked in one-day or multi-day educational excursions by e-bikes, trekking or even by bush taxi. More detailed descriptions of this valley can be found on this website.


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Chateau Oriental

A sanctuary in which to unwind and relax both body & soul.

In a setting along a picturesque riverside location you will find this ancient oriental hermitage in the middle of the Laotian jungle.

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As one of the #1 things to do in Laos, we’re confident that what we do is excellent and provides real value for money.

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