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was originally founded in 2021 to offer one to three-day tours in the catchment area of the “Chateau Orientale” Resort in Luang Phabang/Laos, opened by the founder in 2018, for which he needed an official tour licence.

In this catchment area, the geologically highly interesting “Ghost Valley” with its over 300 million years of prehistory – 7 km away from the resort – is an attraction that serves as the destination or centre of these tours around the “Chateau Orientale” resort and the surrounding nature. The spectacular valley worth seeing with a mysterious cave was discovered by the founder already in 2001 and can be approached or hiked in one-day or multi-day educational excursions by e-bikes, trekking or even by bush taxi.

with professionals

As the tour licence is valid in the entire Lao People’s Democratic Republic, it is planned to gradually expand the tour business nationwide – especially concentrated on or with e-bikes – because area of the “Hideaway-Laos” sees itself as an e-bike specialist.

Why e-bikes of all things?!

The owner and founder of the “Chateau Orientale” resort and the “Hideaway-Laos” tour company Markus Peschke has been an enthusiastic and passionate e-bike fan since 2011 and has gained a lot of experience with these increasingly popular two-wheelers as well as their technology, repair, maintenance and spare parts procurement in the past years and therefore sees himself in a position to reliably maintain and use these bikes and to offer interested customers guided tours in this mountainous country.

Fatigue-free cycling is guaranteed on all our tours. For more information about the e-bikes we use, please click on the link or visit the website:

and what else ?!

Even before e-bikes attracted the attention of the founder, Markus Peschke had already found another passion in Laos, namely that of the elephants in Laos. Since 2002, he has included the grey giants in his self-conceived and conducted tours and has since offered the animals an alternative to so-called “logging”, i.e. the laborious pulling of large tree trunks out of the Laotian jungle.

For more information, click on the link or the website:

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So be sure that when you book with Hideaway-Laos you are not booking a plagiarised tour, but booking all activities with a quasi “explorer” who is experienced in his field. You can also be sure that a booking with “Hideway-Laos” not only promotes but also creates so-called sustainable tourism and thus not only creates new jobs in the disadvantaged outer areas of the country but also protects them as much as possible in a responsible way.